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April 2022
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anything you want it to be 
anything you want it to be 
anything you want it to be 
anything you want it to be 
this is for
Product Designers
Content Designers
UX Engineers
UI Designers
User Researchers
Interaction Designers
3D Designers
Service Designers
Animation Designers
UX Designers
at offscript you can:
Meet new people from your tribe, whatever you are into (design, art, content creation).
Take a deep breath from Merkle trees while you focus on your craft.
Attend to exclusive talks and workshops about the Web3 universe.
Do yoga, surf, and eat together with other participants.
Access to inspiring new creative solutions, perspectives and connections.
Day 0 / Early Arrival
March 31
Early Check-in
Early Check-in
Get an extra night to relax and meet new peers in a great dinner
Get an extra night to relax and meet new peers in a great dinner
Day 2 / Learn
April 02
Talk: Open Design by Christoph
Talk: Open Design by Christoph
Talk: Responsible Design in Defi by Tina
Talk: Responsible Design in Defi by Tina
Circles: Wallets, Curation & Moderation
Circles: Wallets, Curation & Moderation
Session: Acting Techniques for Design Empathy
Session: Acting Techniques for Design Empathy
Circles: Decentralized Infrastructure, Identity & Social
Circles: Decentralized Infrastructure, Identity & Social
Session: (Web3) Design War stories
Session: (Web3) Design War stories
Closing talk Aperitivo - Back to the vision
Closing talk Aperitivo - Back to the vision
After party
After party
Day 1 / Connect
April 01
Transfer, arrival & check-in
Transfer, arrival & check-in
Welcome & Breathwork Workshop
Welcome & Breathwork Workshop
Activities: Surf, Kayak, Hiking, Bike Tour, Yoga, Art Workshop, Wine Tasting, etc.
Activities: Surf, Kayak, Hiking, Bike Tour, Yoga, Art Workshop, Wine Tasting, etc.
Fireside chats w/ cocktails
Fireside chats w/ cocktails
Performance Art & Music Jam
Performance Art & Music Jam
Day 3 / Jump-off
April 03
Promoted Events (Sponsors)
Promoted Events (Sponsors)
DIY Hangouts (Bulletin Board)
DIY Hangouts (Bulletin Board)
explore the venue
See the map
See the map
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
Venue picture
It’s like a Web3 creative festival.
but even better.
We are planning an environment where people can hang out and share more about their work.
There will be talks and workshops so you can know exclusive insights on the Web3 world, but there will also be time for live creative jams with the community.
Time here is crucial to us. We want you to have time to explore, learn, relax and meet new people.
These are the leaders that will guide our workshops and talks
Chiara Vercesi
Illustrator. Co-founder of Sail Ho Studio
Work appeared in news outlets from The New York Times to The Scientific American. Dipping her toes in NFT’s
Alex Wykoff
Head of Product @stakefish, Creator Distributed Camp, Ex. PM @Brave
Product Manager, Hacker, Designer, Dad, Gardener, Gamer, Streamer, Wannabe Musician, & Wannabe Comic Artist
Alejandro Machado
Founder Open Money Initiative
Design researcher @Bitrefill. Studies human behavior with a focus on opening access to digital money
Amber Case
Advisor @UnlockProtocol & @pumabrowser. Author Calm Technology. Musician
Studying web monetization. Interested in DAOs, regenerative ecosystems
Christoph Ono
Creator Bitcoin Design Community
Contributor to the open-source Bitcoin space and am a big purveyor of open design. First recipient of Square Crypto Design Grant
Head of Design
Non fungible. Studies human behavior with a focus on opening access to digital money
Head of Product @Status
Seeks agreement between Ethereum wallets on multi-chain standards to help with mainstream crypto adoption
Brian Pagán
Speaker, actor, podcaster, writer, and UX consultant. Author: The Creative Empathy Field Guide
Uses (digital) art & design to make the world more equitable and loving
Jonny Howle
Co-Founder/Chief of Product @discoxyz
Wants everyone to know that NFT’s are not identities
Pamela Pascual
Founder Amber Initiative & NFTrees
Explores the relationship between blockchain, architecture and sustainable ecology
Alex van de Sande
EF (2014), co-founder ENS (2017), co-founder @unilogin (2018), UX at @balancerlabs (2021)
Helped build that .eth name in your Twitter profile. Preventing human-machines conflicts since 2014.
Martin Etzrod
Senior Researcher Akasha
Went from sorting stem cells deep down in a basement and drafting scientific manuscripts to designing experiences for a Web3 Social network
Monica Zeng
Prof. Coach. People Ops contributor at @ethStatus. Artist
Straddles the line between art, action, and social interactions. Her area is a deep understanding of tech organizations and the people who make them succeed
Christina Rosalie
Director of Strategy @Skylight
Weaver of stories. Believes in cultivating curiosity, grit, optimism, and collaboration
VP of yourself @Offscript
Making Offscript what you want it to be. Imagineer of Web3
Can you tell me more about this Offscript and who is it for?
Offscript is a fully immersive, multi-day resort style event that brings together creatives in Web3 for adventures, talks, workshops, food, and live creative jams with peers.

Anyone who considers themselves a creative in Web3 is welcome to attend. You might see yourself as: Product designer, Content designer, UX engineer, UI designer, Illustrator, User researcher, Interaction designer, 3D designer, Artist, Service designer, Animation designer, UX designer.

We are estimating that 150 people will be at Offscript.
Where will it be, how do I get there and where would I sleep?
Offscript will take place at Comporta, Portugal, which is about an 80min drive from Lisbon.

Regarding how to get there, Comporta is not well-served by public transport, but we offer bus transportation to and from Lisbon<>Comporta on Day 1 (April 1st) and Day 3 (April 3rd). Alternatively, we recommend you join our Discord to coordinate carpooling.

The main venue is ‘Quinta da Comporta’, along with 10 satellite villas, all within a 3 km (1-2mi) radius.

Main venue’s address is
Quinta da Comporta
Rua Alto do Pina, 2
7570-779 Carvalhal

Accommodation is provided both in the villas and rooms at Quinta da Comporta, all of them are of high standards. You can find more details about them the villas here and Quinta da Comporta here.

After buying a ticket, you’ll receive a short form where you can choose between:

- No preference
- Single room at Quinta da Comporta
- Shared room at Quinta da Comporta (twin bed)
- Single room in Villa
- Shared room in Villa (twin bed)

Please note that we cannot guarantee to meet your preference. If you have requests due to a medical condition or requests to co-locate with your team, please contact us at Thank you for your understanding.
I saw the program. What are Circles and Sessions?
Offscript is a participatory event. That means more group discussions and collaboration. Circles and Sessions bring structure to those.

Circles bring together a block of designers to discuss, design, learn about a specific Web3 design space or challenge. We have 4 planned circles:

- Wallets
- Decentralized infrastructure
- Identity & Social
- Curation & Moderation.

All Circles are led by amazing, knowledgeable people to kick-off and facilitate conversation. Also, you're encouraged to gather people and start your own! There are plenty of breakout spaces at the main venue and villas.

Sessions are focused on your professional and personal development as an artist or designer. We have 2 planned Sessions named:

- ‘Acting techniques for design empathy’ led by Brian‘
- (Web3) Design War stories’, led by Chiara.
Can I apply to be a Leader?
We’re not taking any applications. Offscript is a participatory event. We will help you gather people for a Circle, Session, or anything else you can think of. We have invited a selected number of people for fireside chats, talks and to lead circles and sessions. Their role is to get the conversation going.
What is your COVID policy?
We ask you to do your own research on travel restrictions. You can find some information here and here.

You will need to be able to show a complete vaccination certificate or negative RT-PCR test. In case of a PCR test, it needs to be no older than 24h upon arrival at Offscript. We suggest to either get a test before departure from your origin destination or get a test at Lisbon airport.

If you are vaccinated, we do urge you to do a self-test prior to your transit to the venue (i.e. before you get on the charter bus!).

At the event, we follow local regulations and directions of the venue staff.

- Masks in closed spaces.
- Frequent disinfecting.
- Be respectful: Ask people if they’re comfortable with physical greetings and bear hugs.
What does a ticket cost and what’s included?
There are two types of tickets:

- ‘Full Offscript Experience’ for $800 USD (incl. VAT)
- ‘Extended Offscript Experience’ for $950 USD (incl. VAT)

The Extended Offscript Experience ticket includes Early Arrival on March 31st**,** with an extra night at Quinta da Comporta to relax and meet new peers at a great dinner.

Both ticket include event activities, lodging, transportation to/from Lisbon, food, and most drinks.

If you can only attend one day, please contact us at
How can I pay or cancel my ticket?
You can pay your ticket with fiat or crypto. We accept ETH, USDC, DAI, USDT or, alternatively, fiat by using Paypal or Credit card.

If you own a Offscript crowdseed NFT and want to be eligible for the associated ticket discount, please note that only crypto payments are accepted.

After your purchase, you will get your ticket within a few hours. To offer you a Web3’y ticket sale experience, we have to perform some, not some magical, manual steps.

Regarding our cancellation policy - first off, we are sorry you can no longer attend.

Please note the start date is March 31st at 12:00 PM, 2022. You can get a refund if you notify us:

- No later than 20 days ahead of the event start date: 100% refund on your ticket.
- No later than 10 days, and less than 20 days ahead of the event: 60% refund on your ticket.
- No later than 5 days, and less than 10 days ahead of the event: 40% refund on your ticket.

We CANNOT offer a refund for those who inform us less than 5 days ahead of the event.

- If, in accordance with local laws, such as public health laws, or a force majeure or otherwise, we are unable to produce the event on the dates agreed, we will offer a 60% refund on your ticket.
- If, for any other reason, we cancel the event altogether, we will offer a refund of 90%.
What is an Offscript (crowdseed) NFT and how do I get one?
Offscript NFTs are part of a collection of 150 NFT’s, each representing a seat at the event. Some of the NFTs (40) will be offered for you to buy and mint, ahead of the ticket sale. Keep an eye on our Twitter for announcements on this!

The set of 40 NFTs have a special trait to them: they give you a discount between 10% and 100%. Discounts are assigned randomly when you mint the NFT. We suggest to do a dance for good luck before you hit ‘Mint’.
I own an Offscript (crowdseed) NFT, how do I get a discount?
Thank you! Next to getting a discount, buying the NFT is the best way to support the event.

When the ticket sale goes live, you’ll have the option to connect your Ethereum wallet. Make sure it’s set to Ethereum Mainnet and accept the request to view your account address. You’ll be shown exactly how much discount you get and it will be applied to the total price of your ticket.

Note that each NFT can only be applied to a single ticket and can only be used once.
bring all your
creative love!
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